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Timonium's music is the sort that demands metaphorical description, so here goes: their sound chronicles existence at the edge of a black hole, where space and time have lost their meaning and all matter gives in to the singularity's intractable pull, vanishing forever. How was that? Timonium creates cool deep space arias, marked by their sparseness and stateliness, employing two guitars, bass, percussion, some light keyboards, and infrequent, unobtrusive silvery vocals. Their songs marvelously balance extended forays of drifting, echoing guitar ambience and brief moments of real intensity and power. Timonium's measured slowcore is tasteful and exquisitely rendered, never deteriorating into self-indulgence or unnecessary digressions.

Timonium essentially began in 1994, when core members Adam Hervey (vocals, guitars) and Adam Garcia (drums) met, fell in love, and began performing together. Within the next few years James Rawson (guitar) and Tracy Uba (bass, vocals) joined to complete the quartet. In 1999 Timonium released their long-in-the-making debut album, Suspende Animation. Over the next three years, Timonium overcame geographical obstacles (members live in both Los Angeles and San Francisco) to record a second five-song mini-album, Resist Education.

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