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Since '95, Jean F. Cochois has been producing textured techno and heartfelt house under an array of pseudonyms, including Elias, Journeyman, JFC, Papillon, and most commonly, Timewriter. Early singles for Suburbia led to his '97 debut album Letters From The Jester on Germany's pioneering Plastic City. He stayed with the UCMG-owned imprint for his cinematic '98 follow up, Jigsaw Pieces. Melancholic and futuristic in equal measures, Jigsaw Pieces is regarded by many as a defining album in the tech-house movement. Since then, Cochois has released a number of techno-house hybrids for UCMG labels such as Driftwood, Elektrolux, and Fiji. His sophomore album, Diary Of A Lonely Sailor, was released in June '02 to the delight of tech-house fans around the world. Said by some to be even better than his first, Diary... features 15 tracks of smooth, soulful future house and techno.

The German is also a gifted DJ, as evidenced by Deep Train, a 21-track journey into subtle, dub-driven house. On it, Cochois deftly blends his own productions with rare and exclusive mixes by the likes of Deep Dish, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Ananda Project, and Halo Varga. Turn the volume up and prepare to be whisked off into Timewriter's future world of delicate electronic melodies.