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Weird is not the word for the mysterious, migratory musings of Mr. Timeblind. While his antics off the air are questionable, his wax recordings are unusual in the extreme. He cites the likes of Kanzleramt, Black Nation, Missile, and Subvoice in his list of label inspirations, but his sticky, syncopated m?lange of madness is far stranger than the straightforward techno offerings of said labels.

Epitonic is proud to present all of Bloatware, Timeblind's EP for Orthlorng Musork. The six song EP runs the electronic music gamut -- the industrial ambient sounds of "Extreme Air 1" and "Stepreitin"; the rolling downtempo of "Desperado Mov"; the abstract beats of "Redemption" and Borscht"; the dubbed-out techno of "Bramble"; Timeblind shows he is not afraid to wander the musical landscape in search of diverse and fascinating drum breaks.

"Goya Makes My Beatz" and "X-Tensible Boy VS Da Godfadders" can be found on Timeblind's Cataclysmajiggy EP for Drop Beat. "Goya Makes My Beatz" echoes Red Snapper and some of the more abstract Ninja Tune offerings with its raw, organic beats and off-kilter programming. "X-Tensible Boy VS Da Godfodders," on the other hand, mixes modern urban jungle with corrosive German techno. I think we have discovered a new genre!

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