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Tim 'Love' Lee

Tim 'Love' Lee's downtempo breakbeat treads a fine line between the soulful funk of Thievery Corporation and the jumbled psychedelic ramblings of Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band. He got his start in music at the tender age of eight playing piano, later graduating to the synthesizer at fifteen. Since then he has played in a multitude of bands, good and bad, including none other than Eurovision song contest winners Katrina and The Waves (now you know who played Hammond on "Walking On Sunshine"). In '94, fuelled by an obsession with pizza-sized black circular objects, Lee set up his own label, Peace Feast.

With three successful Peace Feast EPs to his name, Lee left his native England for Latin America to sample the delights of Rio and its infamous Carnival. Seduced by the sun and sand, he didn't return for six months. When he did finally come back, he relocated from Nottingham to London in order to focus on his production work. He also formed a new label, Tummy Touch, and began releasing material from Groove Armada, Organic Audio, and Tutto Matto. Besides running a pair of successful labels, Lee found time to produce his own disco-drenched, acid-funking music for Pussyfoot (home to Spacer), Dust 2 Dust, and Three Sixty Records, as well as some pretty groovy remixes for Shantel and The Freaknik.

Just Call Me Lone Lee follows his previous full-length projects, Confessions Of A Selector and XXX-Mas Selection. "Sombre Hombre" is one of ten tracks on Lone Lee that explores Tim 'Love' Lee's failed relationships by way of drowsy beats, surreal synths, and a smattering of looped live instruments.