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Tiara is an indie pop combo from Columbus, Ohio whose music sparkles as brightly as the prom queen head adornment for which the band is named. High quality production brings to the fore crystal-clear guitars and high, sweet, sad male vocals, while a steady rhythm section underpins the mix. No bells, whistles, or flashing lights here, just good solid guitar pop that's fully capable of rocking out a bit at times.

The band started in the summer of '95 with a couple of friends, future guitarist Eric Rottmayer and future bassist Brian Freshour recording songs on a four-track. Soon they recruited drummer Brian Moore and Freshour's brother Craig (who would leave a a few years later) and recorded a debut record, Calling the Whales. In 1997 Matt Leaver signed on to play second guitar. The group released Against Cast In in 2000 on Columbus's Anyway Records. "The Latest Sunn" is on Better Looking Records' Holiday Matinee 2 comp.

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