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More than six years ago, Thumbnail initiated a plot to transcend the mediocrity of artists, musicians, and the media. An alliance with Little Rock's File 13 Records (the great Little Rock-cum-Philadelphia label co-founded by Thumbnail drummer David Burns) resulted in two seven-inches, three albums, and a split full-length with co-conspirators Harriet the Spy.

In late 1995, Thumbnail forged a treaty with San Diego's Cargo/Headhunter Records that allowed them to re-release their first album in CD format. Drive Like Jehu's Mark Trombino agreed to transfer the Thumbnail music to analog tape, making it possible for the band to release a single and the acclaimed Red! Dead! CD/LP.

Years after Thumbnail officially disbanded, File 13, added one more explosive chapter to the band's legacy. Issued three years after its creation, That Static showcases the energy, emotion, and fierce sonic temperament of the band's previous output, from the squealing feedback-soaked dual guitars to the dirty growling bass to the spastic drum fury. At the same time, however, it features a more spacious, measured, and straight-ahead rock feel than the band had previously displayed.

After the dissolution of Thumbnail, Burns and Justin Sinkovich reunited in the similarly minded Atombombpocketknife.