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Threnody Ensemble

Not unlike indie chamber music greats Rachel's, Threnody Ensemble's core members come from diverse music backgrounds, though all were at one time or another heavily involved in the independent rock world. Erik Hoversten studied ethnomusicology and composition at UC Berkeley and was a founding member of San Francisco's A Minor Forest. Dave Cerf studied non-Western musics at Cal Arts and was a member of the Washington, DC group Lorelei. Cellist Dominique Davison, an occasional member of A Minor Forest, has performed orchestral music since childhood and currently plays in the New York band 33.3.
Timbre Hollow is Threnody Ensemble's debut album. Although they incorporate improvisation into their compositions, what is most striking about these pieces is their use of non-Western techniques (hocketing, droning, etc.) in combination with more typical chamber instrumentation. Indian, Indonesian, and Cuban elements are all apparent but not overt. But perhaps Threnody Ensemble's most enjoyable aspect is their use of steel-stringed acoustic guitars and cello, which create shimmering sound fields that are beyond instrumentalist ego while remaining at home on the concert stage -- chamber music for a new era.