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Three Penny Opera

One can hardly help noticing that Three Penny Opera is named after the legendary Bertold Brecht/Kurt Weill musical, and while you might not think that '90s Canadian hardcore music would have much in common with a pre-World War II German musical, both do share an intensely visceral rage that seems to reflect a profound sense of disenfranchisement from and disillusionment with the world at large. Uhh, yeah. OK, all joking aside, Three Penny Opera (the band) is a completely overwhelming explosion of furious, powerful songs that hit you with the force of a sudden avalanche. The guitars rumble and the drums hammer alongside brutal basslines and beneath fierce, belted vocals about alienation and isolation. Watch out or you'll be buried in sound.

This self-titled Troubleman full-length is the second release from this Ottawa fivesome, whose members used to play in the celebrated emo outfit Shotmaker.