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Three Berry Icecream

Three Berry Icecream is primarily Mayumi Ikemizu, who sings and plays accordion, keyboard, and glockenspiel. Occasionally, she enlists the help of friend musicians, resulting in polished, soothing, sweet pieces like "Marble Arch." Ikemizu is best known in Japan for forming the popular band Bridge (1989-1995), which released eight albums on Trattoria -- also the home of Cornelius -- and is still a staple in Karaoke boxes throughout Japan.

"Marble Arch" is from a seven-inch release on Dogprint Records. The lovely and soaring "K-L-M Line" is a cover of a Fairways song, from the four-song Fairways/3BI split CDEP Permanent Vacation.

With Three Berry Icecream, Ikemizu melds the sweetness of twee pop and the jazzy bossa nova stylings of lounge music with results that are neither cloying nor overly nostalgic. If you share a love for all things cute, you'll love Three Berry Ice Cream. And don't worry if you don't speak Japanese: you can sing along with Ikemizu's happy "la, la, la"s in any language!

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