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Three 4 Tens

This numerically minded Philadelphia group has a serious '60s fetish and they're not the least bit ashamed. They admit to being deeply influenced by early Barrett-era Pink Floyd and fellow Philadelphian Todd Rundgren's pre-prog Nazzdays, which they clearly are, but you might also detect hints of 5th Dimension-era Byrds and shades of their British Invasion counterparts (The Animals, The Who). However they derived their rock formula, The Three 4 Tens clearly got it right, because their classic blend of spacey psych and bouncy garage rock rarely fails to satisfy and entertain.

Since starting as a bunch of rebellious Catholic high school students back in 1996, the members of the Three 4 Tens have been working towards a debut record. In 2000 they got a step closer by tapping Steve Earle producer Paul Smith to work with them, a move which, by December of that year, had translated into a rich, entertaining album they dubbed (perhaps a bit ironically?) Change Is On Its Way. The band put it out themselves before the local label File 13 Records got interested and reissued it.

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