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Thoughts Of Ionesco

Their minds may be on the famous absurdist playwright, but their music is pure snarling hardcore. The Dearborn, Michigan trio actually draws from a fair number of influences, including thick, sludgy heavy rock, Motor City proto-punk, and even progressive rock and experimental jazz. It all comes together to make a brutally powerful, completely unfriendly sound, compromised primarily of vitriolic ax-murderer vocals and thundering, lumbering, chugging guitar/bass/drums rhythms, with the guitar frequently separating itself and going off on complex prog-inspired asides. Overall, it's about as close to capturing rage in a bottle as you can get.

After nearly half a decade together, the trio broke up, leaving a powerful legacy of abrasive musical confrontations which are captured on their various releases. Among these are five full records. The third of these, was A Skin Historic, recorded in 1999 shortly before the band's dissolution, features the mind-scrambling "Theory Vs. Catatonia." Thoughts of Ionesco subsequently issued the posthumous albums Abnormailites (2000) and For Detroit, From Addiction (2001).

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