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Those Bastard Souls

Dave Shouse and the Grifters helped pioneer the lo-fi explosion with the tragically disjointed indie blues records they released while criss-crossing the country like telephone wires. Between that band?s two releases on Sub Pop, Shouse also released a solo record under the name Those Bastard Souls and recruited a rotating cast of backing musicians to play these songs in clubs across America. As Those Bastard Souls became a more cohesive entity, the Grifters started to fall apart a bit. Now Those Bastard Souls is one of most promising bands to step on the stage, with a classic Bowie- and Stones-derived rock and roll sound. The band's lineup has solidified, now featuring former members of Red Red Meat, the Dambuilders, and Jeff Buckley's band. Those Bastard Souls are backed by a big a fan base that relishes Shouse?s twisted and touching songwriting. These are songs from Those Bastard Souls' early years; they come from the Twentieth Century Chemical release on Darla Records. To say that they rock would be a colossal understatement.

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