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Thee More Shallows

San Francisco's Thee More Shallows (originally known simply as Thee Shallows but changed after a call from an attorney) represents the latest stage in the collaborative odyssey of Dee Kesler and Tadas Kisielius. Said odyssey began formally in about 1995 and formerly found expression in a short-lived musical venture called Shackleton, the demise of which prompted the duo to adopt their most recent guise.

With the help of some friends (dubbed Thee Shallows Playas), the duo crafts the kind of gentle, brooding, midtempo indie rock which often causes album reviewers to use the term "sadcore" and to invoke the name Low. A sparkling finger-picked guitar and hushed and melodic vocals typically reside close to the front of the mix, backed by a clear river of sound that blends piano and synthesizer lines, and sometimes more exotic sounds like violin, cello, banjo, accordion, and glockenspiel. Additional subtle found sounds give the dreamy, swooning songs the quality of a reverie, a flight of fancy that removes the listener from the cold, abrasive reality of the real world, which is heard only at a distance through a gauze of tender, pretty sound. Thee More Shallows thoughtful debut record, A History of Sport Fishing, appeared on Megalon Records in the spring of 2002.

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