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The X-Impossibles

It's not hard to spot the X-Impossibles' influences, and dammit, that's a good thing, because they're noble influences indeed, the noblest in the entire greasy punk pantheon, and the Impossibles do those influences justice with a mean, ballistic sound hot enough to fry fish. They may be from Athens, Georgia, but don't expect any limp-wristed college rock. These guys have had enough of willowy indie rock ensembles with sideburns shaped like Italy and glasses borrowed from Henry Kissinger who get onstage and play movie soundtracks with their sweatered backs turned towards their subdued audiences. These guys want to reintroduce the world to the unholy, vigorous power of rock and roll. These guys are about motorcycles, chest hair, and bourbon whiskey. For these guys, the eras of the MC5, the New York Dolls, and the The Misfits represent the apogee of popular music history. In fact, singer Tim Lumley sounds like a slightly more no-nonsense version of Glenn Danzig. Behind him, Shawn Christian and Heidi Bartel fray your nerves and flay your ears with their twin slashing Gibsons. Morgon Engle and Gary Yoxen bring up the rear with a thunderous rhythm section. Since '96, this explosive quintet has been churning out the seven-inches and finally, in 2001, they treated the world to a full-length, the aptly titled White Knuckle Ride, where you can find the tracks "Fire" and "Don't Tread." Kick out the jams!

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