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The Workin' Stiffs

Ouch. These guys throw guitar riffs so sharp they could cut diamonds. That's the lacerating center of a vitriolic hardcore attack that also features a 12-cylinder rhythm section, anthemic shouted choruses, and vaguely British sounding snarled vocals. The Workin' Stiffs aren't from England, they're from San Francisco, but their sound definitely recalls the rougher side of U.K. punk of the late '70s and early '80s. Their day jobs must be causing them a considerable amount of distress, because disgust and anger are the predominant emotions running through their songs -- they're classic pieces of working class frustration and rebellion. The band's releases include an LP, Liquid Courage, and a seven-inch, Through Thick & Thin, on TKO. The Workin' Stiffs also contributed "Last Plastic Hero" to TKO's Punchdrunk II compilation.

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