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The VSS rose from the smoldering ashes of Angel Hair in early 1995, and for two and a half years became a passionate punk-styled hybrid megaphone for social critique. They invented a fierce, highly unconventional sound unlike that of any other contemporary band. Theirs was a maelstrom of hard punk energy comprised of dissonant guitar, bass, drums, as well as keyboards and drum programming. While there's nothing all that unique anymore about an indie rock band mixing in a little electronics, there was something breathtakingly original about The VSS -- essentially a hardcore punk band -- incorporating these elements. The result was something organic and angry and intensely human, but it was laced with a sharp, robotic edge.

During their brief lifespan, The VSS released four seven-inches (three of which were compiled in 1996 on a CD from GSL) and one 12-inch. "Cosmic Retribution" comes from their third and final Gravity Records seven-inch, while "In Miniature" comes from the 12-inch, Nervous Circuits, on Honey Bear Records. On all of their releases The VSS effortlessly overstep the boundaries of all traditional rock formats (and that includes punk rock), producing one explosive sonic exorcism after another. Singer Sonny Kay moans severely cryptic and poetic lyrics that are the aural equivalent of a Jackson Pollock piece painted with blood. Fans of all things punk and manic should immediately immerse their virgin ears in this treatment.

Kay went on to start Subpoena The Past, while the band's other three members regrouped as Slaves who later changed their name to Pleasure Forever.