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The Vermicious Knid

Bands and record labels avoid the term "emo" like the plague. For whatever reason, it makes people's skin crawl. Like it or not though, Brantford, Ontario's The Vermicious Knid is going to be labeled an emo band. But these four guys are much more complex, delivering an intricate and masterful barrage from a multitude of underground influences. They reference Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth as influences, as well as the pop elements of Weezer and Sebadoh. The sonic power and the pop sensibilities of these staple alternative rock influences are only slightly apparent in the music of The Vermicious Knid. There's a more modern and jagged angle from the math rock and post-hardcore underground that really stands out. With their 2002 CDEP, Days That Stand Still, The Vermicious Knid lulls the listener with lush acoustic guitars for about thirty seconds, then suddenly launches a screaming hardcore assault as their time signature cuts and lurches, then just as suddenly introduces a jangly guitar playing a hard-to-forget pop melody. It's these sudden changes in mood and texture that give this great new band their great new sound.