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The Verbrilli Sound

The Verbrilli Sound was created by Don Verbrilli and often embodies both a unique philosophy of music and a verifiable musical project. Verbrilli's theory is that the purest musical manifestations are not created by the artist or a single mind, but are actually creations of a complex, mysterious process. This phenomenon is termed "The Verbrilli Effect" and is thought to involve the reception of numerous atmospheric transmissions, as well as a sequence of unforced creative accidents. Therefore, an artist with a proper mindset who is immersed in musical gear should begin to emanate enough electromagnetic energy to attract unlimited transmission patterns from myriad surrounding sentient sources.

In addition to production for and being a full partner in Upstairs Recordings, Verbrilli also produces for the Seattle-based Sweet Mother Recordings. When not under the influence of the "Verbrilli Effect," Verbrilli defaults to his second creative mode known as Telefuzz.

"Cansada" is from the Upstairs Recordings comp Deepdown Tempos and also appears on Om's Om Lounge 3. "Drum & Bays" is culled from the full-length project Many Coloured Butterflies on Sweet Mother Recordings.