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The Underwolves

The Underwolves shot to fame with their genre-bending '96 single "Nine Lives" on Dorado sub Filter (home to DJ Q and The Amalgamation Of Soundz) and were promptly signed to Island. Unfortunately, their debut album Under Your Sky languished in major label limbo while Island was bought out not once but twice (the label is now under the Universal umbrella). Finally reunited with their work, the Wolves approached Munich's Jazzanova. With their keen ear for the unique, the German collective of nu-jazz DJs, producers, and remixers was more than happy to release the album on their JCR imprint.

Under Your Sky is an accomplished debut that fuses elements of drum and bass, hip hop, and jazz in a soulful urban melting pot. In addition to a number of accomplished backing vocalists and expert percussionists, principal producers Ned Kelly (not to be confused with the much-loved Australian bandit/bushranger) and Professor Stretch are joined by renowned London vocalists Jeb Loy Nichols, Madeline Edgehill, and Ghetto Priest (of African Headcharge) for this truly spiritual affair.

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