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The Trema

The Trema concocts erratic shards of sound amidst a feral cannon of bass and breakneck drum power while veering wildly between anxiety and a kind of electric exaltation. The vocals counter the din of musical scalpels hurled at the head, seductively delivered by Denise Bruner, frontwoman for the band. Often compared to God Is My Co-Pilot and Bastro, this quintet frantically launches a textural soundscape at the listener. The Trema is a term borrowed from German theatrical slang meaning "stage fright," used to refer to the moment of a perceptive schism that precedes a schizophrenic breakdown.

"Usually the person has a feeling of having lost contact with things, of everything having undergone some subtle all-encompassing change...the visual world looks peculiar and eerie-weirdly beautiful, tantalizingly significant, or perhaps horrifying in some insidious but ineffable way."
(L.A. Sass- Madness and Modernism).

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