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The Thumbs

The formula is simple: searing, snotty, two-minute punk anthems that come straight from the heart and go straight for the throat. It's a successful, time-honored style that's endured through the ages -- or at least the last quarter century -- and the Annapolis/DC-based Thumbs do it as well as anyone. The trio executes its pointedly political, disaffected scorchers with technical acumen and undeniable passion. The Dillinger Four and other quality melodic punk bands come to mind.

The Thumbs got started as a quartet in 1995 and quickly released a self-titled EP. Lots of touring and lineup changes ensued, with the band eventually slimming down to three members, releasing a few EPs along the way. The Make America Strong LP came in 1999. The band then moved to Adeline, and released their riotous, razor-sharp All Lesser Devils EP, which features the title track and "Ribbon Men" (as well as an amusingly sarcastic cover of The Smiths' "Let Me Get What I Want"). Another LP, Last Match, appeared in 2001, featuring a dozen more snippets of The Thumbs' trademark melodic fury, including "High Powered Lens" and "Give the People What They Want."

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