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The Templars

The Templars were Christian knights who fought in the Crusades, but, uh...these Templars are soldiers of a somewhat different order. Actually they're Oi! punkers from the distant shores of Long Island, New York. They specialize in some pretty aggressive fare in the tradition of the Cockney Rejects. The music is brash, crude, acerbic, and frighteningly out of control in a way that primal punk these days so rarely manages to be. The Templars, featuring vocalist/guitarist Carl, bassist Perry and drummer Phil started out as a garage cover band back in '91, but soon developed into a full-fledged force and haven't quit yet. They've released dozens of seven-inch EPs and a few LPs during the course of the '90s and appeared on a handful of comps, including TKO's Punchdrunk II, to which they contributed "Violence."

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