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The Styrenes

The Styrenes are pretty bizarre and comparable only to the other local Cleveland bands their members have been involved with, including Pere Ubu, The Electric Eels, and The Mirrors. One would guess that fellow Ohioians Guided by Voices were inspired by this nearby faction. The Styrenes were founded in 1971 by The Electric Eels' Paul Marotta and The Mirrors' Jamie Klimek and have been joined by many other musicians at different times, including bassist Jim Jones, who was in the late-period Pere Ubu. They made experimental psychedelic punk with a ranting type of free improvisation. Their recordings are unique and creative and the track available here "Drano In Your Veins" is a gruesome and gloriously fractured pop romp. It appears on the 2002 ROIR CD mockingly named It's Still Artastic, which contains ten new tracks, two new versions of old songs, and a collection of songs from 1975 through 1998.

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