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The Starlite Desperation

The evocatively named Starlite Desperation is a ironic postmodern rock calamity in motion. An hour with them is like a blues/garage/punk rock history lesson somehow gone horribly awry. They mix up all the classic tough rock sounds of the last half-century, from dirty blues to garage rock nastiness to goofy arena rock posturing to punk fury. This band even moved from San Francisco to the frozen wasteland of Detroit just to get closer to rock history. The Starlite Desperation's red hot blend of hilarious vocals delivered with panicked conviction, big guitar licks, and powerful rhythms will fascinate and rouse you.

"Hot for Preacher" comes from the band's 1997 debut single on GSL Records. "Messed Up Head" is from their first full-length, 1998's Show You What a Baby Won't, also on GSL. "Go Kill Mice" and "Notes from the Drag" are both from the band's follow-up, 1999's Go Kill Mice on Flapping Jet Records.