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The Six Parts Seven

Formed from the ashes of The Old Hearts Club, The Six Parts Seven travel through lush landscapes, letting the listener become the storyteller. Each of their songs provides a backdrop that enables the band's audience to piece together their own interpretations of the music's action. The Six Parts Seven fill out the basic rock set-up of guitars, drums, and bass with the aid of viola, subtle samples, and lapsteel, achieving beautiful and wandering pop instrumentals that suggest the San Diego group Tristeza. On their debut album In Lines and Patterns, the group designs open music based on the simple notion of restraint. Each song highlights just one new idea or technique, never rushing and never over-exploiting the ability of the band members or their recording capabilities. With 2002's Things Shaped in Passing, the group continues to explore the soft unobtrusive realm of lilting textures and charming melodies.