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The Silverman

Phil Knight has spent the majority of his career weaving the oddly psychedelic aural tapestries for The Legendary Pink Dots. He has occasionally stepped outside of that project to produce some hypnotic and at times disorienting introspective recordings as the Silverman. The sparsely scattered Silverman recordings are entirely instrumental, making full use of the Pink Dots' psychedelic transcendental excursions, while leaving behind the band's baroque gothic references. In following the slow developing mantras of the more atmospheric Krautrock outfits (Cluster, Canaxis, and even the late '90s work of the resurrected Faust), the Silverman recordings cycle through constantly evolving layers of mysterious loops, distant patterns of ritualistic percussion, and meditative drones swept over by half-human voices. The first two untitled tracks from Silverman's 1998 Silvermandalas album provide an eerie demonstration of this approach.