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The Saturday People

When you take a gander at the pedigree of The Saturday People's members, it immediately figures why the DC quartet plays such darn good indie pop: the group features vocalist/guitarists Greg Pavlovcak (The Ropers, The Castaway Stones) and Terry Banks (Glo-Worm, Tree Fort Angst), bassist and producer Archie Moore (Black Tambourine, Velocity Girl, Heartworms), and drummer Dan Searing (Castaway Stones). The People are a kind of a niche super-group, the product of a small but ever-thriving U.S. independent pop scene.

With softly blinking guitars, a relaxed rhythm section, garage-rock keyboards, and boyish vocals, The Saturday People tap a lot of pop history. Depending on which song's playing, you might catch a whiff of the ingenious harmonics of British Invasion bands (Zombies) or their baroque-pop U.S. counterparts (The Left Banke) -- or perhaps you'll find you'll hear more recent sounds like those of the great Creation label (Biff Bang Pow!) or Sarah Records (The Field Mice), or perhaps the pioneering Southern jangle pop of R.E.M.'s early IRS albums. Sure, it's all there, as is all the music The Saturday People's members have made in previous bands, all woven together into something timeless and lovely. Some might see the People's classic pop sound as anachronistic in these days of musical cross-pollination, but they offer notice that astute tunesmithery stands up in any decade, regardless of the fads and trends of the day.

The Saturday People first appeared in 1999 with an EP, Feel So Real. Two years later the group released its self-titled debut full-length on Oakland-based Slumberland.

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