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The Rurals

The Rurals are a collective of talented musicians who make lush, organic deep house music which is certainly inspired by the wild Devonshire countryside in which they reside. Founding members Andy Compton and Pete Morris have enlisted vocalist Marie 'Tweek', bassist Pete 'Gurner' Middleton, saxophonist Charlie Hearnshaw, and DJ-cum-remixer Onlymatt since their inception in the early '90s.

Since their first release, the Space Funk EP, on Rural Records (Compton's label and club promotions company) Compton and Morris have generated a number of underground hits for the Idea label as both Rainbow Garden (with Matt Cundy and Dean Westcott) and Greenbelt. They have recorded for Re-Fried, DiY, Eighth Day, and their work has been licensed to Turbo Recordings (for the Jesper Dahlback mix CD), Millenium Records, the DMC compilation series United DJs Of America, and Naked Music for their Midnight Snack compilation. Add to this a plethora of recently licensed projects to Seattle's Viva Recordings and Belgium-based Wally's Groove World and we are looking at one of the hottest deep house outfits on the circuit.

Headsongs -- the first full-length release on Compton's own Peng imprint -- is a mesmerizing blend of deep organic synthesis and raw live instrumentation. This album has it all. "That Feelin" is a ten-fathom deep Mantis-like vocal house track that is as subtle as it is seductive. "Headsong" is reminiscent of recent outputs on both Influence and Ascension, and would fit in perfectly to a Francios K set at Body & Soul. "Questions" moves into tech-house territory with uptempo beats, smooth swirling synths, and a strong rolling bassline. You can stream the whole album below. "Realize," "So Alive," and "Code" are taken from Farmyard Flavours and are available in MP3 format by kind permission of the fine folks at Viva Recordings. "No Sunshine," "Sweet Butterfly," "I've Travelled," and "Surf Into The Phones" are taken from various EPs in the Peng catalog.