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The Reports

Gosh, this band is catchy. Fiendishly so. Catchy, that is, in the manner of buzz-happy, hook-heavy guitars, urgent soaring choruses, and edgy fast-paced vocal wanderings. You can totally imagine the guys in this band working in a coffee shop, acting resentful-yet-friendly towards their customers, occasionally dipping into their Vonnegut novels but mostly counting down the minutes until band practice. Guess what? They did get started in a coffee shop, the one where singer/guitarist Chris Yambor was working in 1997 when bassist Mark Durston strolled in. Soon the pair had teamed with ex-Christie Front Drive bassist Kerry McDonald and ex-Mousetrap singer/guitarist Patrick Buehanan to record a synth-heavy New Wave-influenced self-titled debut EP. Shortly after that, the founding pair departed their native Chicago for the rainy northwestern climes of Seattle, where they teamed with their current drummer Jason Hellis and recorded a full-length, Run into the Night.

On this release, The Reports have for the most part dropped the synths that appeared on the first release, and the songs here have all the cheeky punch of great college rock (The Replacements, The Pixies, Pavement). And that's what's so great about the Reports: they play melodic well-constructed pop music with such reckless punk rock abandon that its catchiness is invisible and you don't even think about the fact that the music is going to get seriously under your skin.

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