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The Red Scare

Like so many bands before them, Knoxville's Red Scare emerged from the flourishing University of Tennessee hardcore underground and are now helping mark the new future of the scene there after the '90s rock burnout of a town that had spawned bands like Superdrag, 30 Amp Fuse, and the V-Roys. Influenced by Gravity Records bands like Heroin and their assorted progeny, Red Scare creates incredibly fast punk rock that drips with aggression and volume.

Their debut Troubleman Unlimited release, 2000's Capillary Lockdown (featuring "Automate Insection"), raised the bar on out-of-control cathartic hardcore to unprecedented levels. Their follow-up, 2001's Strangers Die Every Day on Donut Friends (featuring "Asphyxial Release" and "Smokey Mtn. High"), takes things even further, assaulting the senses with its overwhelming tangled chaos of body-pounding bass and percussion, squirmingly sharp guitars, and vocals that suggest violent exorcisms.

This is music that finds you when you sleep; it kicks down doors and stabs you in the shower. So forget the McCarthyist conformism of mainstream rock, because this is audio Communism and a single listen will liberate you from the stifling confines of conventional society.