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The Rapture

It's exciting to see an interesting underground rock movement sweeping through New York City, and The Rapture are an integral part of what's happening. Luke Jenner and Vito Roccoforte formed The Rapture in San Francisco in 1998 and have been criss-crossing the United States on tour ever since. The lineup for the group solidified somewhat recently when the duo moved to Manhattan and added bassist Matt Safer. The band has done several great recordings over the years, which have seen release on Gravity Records, GSL Records, Sub Pop Records, and the Insound Tour Support Series. The strange thing is that they have still yet to deliver a full-length album.

That is where The DFA production duo comes in. The House of Jealous Lovers 12-inch is a precursor to The Rapture's first album, to be produced by James Murphy (founder of Plantain Recording House) and Tim Goldsworthy (Mo Wax/U.N.K.L.E.). The DFA are tying the NYC underground together with their accomplished production skills, and have even launched a new label that will be exhibiting their work.

"House of Jealous Lovers" is a danceable post-punk disco romp that is absolutely The Rapture's best studio effort to date. The band has refined their trademark raw and energetic sound, offering a taste of the upcoming highly anticipated debut album.