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The Quadrajets

Auburn, Alabama's The Quadrajets roar out of the Deep South like a raucous, grime-encrusted rock and roll monster that's going to grab you by the throat and shake you out of your complacent musical daze. The band takes a classic two-guitar/bass/drums setup, and explodes into spastic full-throttle hyperdrive like a freight train out of control. Singer the Cheetah's preacher-on-purple-hearts vocals and bluesy harmonica make the band's Southern-fried punk rock that much more delightfully nasty.

The 'Jets -- currently comprised of the Cheetah, bassist Catfish Plate, drummer J.R.R. Tokken, and guitarists Roman Hardwick P.I. and Jerome J. Jerome -- have weathered the loss of almost as many drummers as Spinal Tap in making their Blue Cheer-influenced whiskey- and amphetamine-fueled mayhem over the last half-decade. They've put out four full-lengths during that time, including 2000's When the World's on Fire, featuring "All My Rowdy Friends Are Dead" and "Light Speed Kings."