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The Pattern

The Small Faces come to Lookout! Actually, The Pattern recorded for another great Bay Area rock imprint as well, Alternative Tentacles, but their loose, wonky, boogie-woogie punk combines the working class pop-punk of the famous acts from the Lookout! roster with the twitchy, danceable R&B-inflected rock of the great '60s English mod bands. The Oakland quintet features an impressive lineup of Bay Area punk veterans, with charismatic ex-PeeChees vocalist Christopher Appelgren fronting the band and veterans of The St. James Infirmary, Talk Is Poison, Nuisance, and The Cuts backing him up. Together these fellas have taken the musical teeth of their old bands and sunk 'em into the more soulful rock sound of '60s Swingin' London, albeit with a bit of a millennial California twist. The songs are short, hook-filled, and nothing but fun. The young band debuted in 2001 with their Non-Stop single, which featured "No Books!" b/w "My Own Age." Soon after, they put out Wet Circuit City, featuring a pair of brash bursts of R&B energy in Motor City-style overdrive, "Breakfast" and the featured "Sunned Things Speak." They also have a single on GSL Records. In September of 2002, The Pattern finally released their electrified debut album, Real Feelness. Recorded at Tiny Telephone by Alex Newport, it lives up to its considerable rock and roll expectations.