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The Paper Chase

This trio from Denton, Texas takes strange gloomy stabs at their mission of "keeping the world safe from bad art," which they've been doing since 1835 if you believe their website. Often theatrical and always dark, the band mixes spliced-together samples and mathy prog with King Crimson guitars and Bob Weston bass, then brings in a thundering grand piano that stops the piece in its tracks. Desperate vocals explain how this treacherous world betrays and alienates. This extensive production is masterminded by John Congleton, who uses his engineering prowess to piece together different styles into pieces that flow together seamlessly. Somehow The Paper Chase suggests what might happen if Shellac and Scott Taylor from The Grifters got together and wrote a soundtrack. They deem their 2001 album cntrl-alt-delete-u a soundtrack, claiming that it is "a commentary on the average human reliance on technology and the division it has drawn between nature and such..."