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The Panoply Academy

In keeping with the spirit of Indiana's punk past (which includes bands like Split Lip, Chamberlain, and Hardball), Bloomington's Panoply Academy goes beyond the simple traditions of punk, adding off-kilter rhythmic sensibility and complex post-punk dissonance. The sound is both jarring and melodic, a subtle manipulation of familiar rock and roll elements into something new and undeniably catchy. This group has energy to burn, and you can't help but be affected by their relentlessly inventive creations. Since their inception, the band has adopted various alternate monikers, including The Panoply Academy Legionnaires, The Panoply Academy Corps of Engineers, and The Panoply Academy Glee Club (but never just The Panoply Academy).

"Allies in Insects" and "The Entrance of the Candidate," are both from The Panoply Academy Glee Club's debut full length Rah! (1998, Secretly Canadian Records).

"Cash in Your Coffin" and "Nar Nar Nar" both come from the The Panoply Academy Corps of Engineers' Concentus (2000, Secretly Canadian).

"The 7th Direction" and "I, Bloomingtonian" each appear on The Panoply Academy Legionnaires' No Dead Time (2001, Secretly Canadian)