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The Oscillators

Ah, if only the real world were like the world of The Oscillators, where the young are king, where naïvete aren't scorned, where love is innocent, where laughter is always friendly, and where flowers always smell sweet. Alas. At least we have The Oscillators. The Portsmouth, NH five-piece makes no secret of its fondness for the '60s, especially shimmering Phil Spector productions, producing giddy candy-coated go-go pop songs dressed up in day-glo colors. The rhythms bounce and the guitars jangle as vocalist Miss Mary delivers charmingly sassy and spunky vocals and the other band members provide sweet backup harmonies. Don't think it's all sunshine and cuteness, though; there are also some rough bluesy underpinnings, a la Holly Golightly, some dangerous surf guitar riffs, and some hints of James Bond movie soundtracks in the rough and tumble garage-pop mix.

The Oscillators introduced themselves to the world back in '98 with Let's Rock Instead, which spent some time on the CMJ radio charts. A year later the group came right back atcha with another album, Incog-Neat-O, featuring "Be Mine Now," "Don't Look Back," and "Doug Buggy."