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The Nectarine No. 9

Edinburgh, Scotland's Nectarine No. 9 shapes quirky, peculiar effects-heavy pop constellations that could be read as evidence that the group's members have beaten a trail between the recording studio and the pub down the road. No, it's not raucous or rowdy, not beery frat rock; this is music is more like a champagne drunk, bubbly and unpredictable. Underneath all the languid goofiness is a solid jangly pop foundation, but it's the languid goofiness that gives Nectarine No. 9 their uniquely warm and zany character. It wouldn't be inaccurate to refer to this as music in the Beefheart/Zappa vein, except of course that this is something distinctly more modern, swathed as it is in layers of effects and samples.

The members of Nectarine No. 9 are actually veterans of the surreal pop business. Vocalist/guitarist Davey Henderson, a onetime member of the jagged rock outfit the Fire Engines and the experimental pop group Win, formed Nectarine in 1993 with fellow ex-Winner Simon Smeeton (guitar), Todd Thompson (guitar), Ian Holford (drums), and John Thompson (bass). The quintet released a trio of LPs in the mid '90s before entering a period of hibernation. In late 2000, they released the Constellations of a Vanity Extended Play (featuring "Constellations of a Vanity"). In April 2000, they followed that with their fourth long-player, Received, Transgressed, & Transmitted, yet another rather experimental slab of cut-and-paste pop schizophrenia, which features "Susan Identifier."

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