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The Most Secret Method

This first full length from The Most Secret Method begins with an explosion, a slap back at safety. From there the album proceeds to explore different depths, song by song, maintaining a strong sense of cohesion. The band writes almost entirely as an ensemble, hammering the songs from accident into form. The guitar can be jarring or melodic, but is often sparse which reveals the powerful rhythms at the source. The drummer squeezes as much as possible out of his two drums, focusing on beyond all else, the beat. The bass player gives her bass a distinct voice, weaving through driving attacks and then more subtle tones for a complete and fulfilling sonic ride.

Recording with J. Robbins of Jawbox has lead to each song receiving a unique treatment of mics and tones to further expand the breadth of the record. This collaboration of persons, space, sights, and sounds is a proven success, offering another twist in the intensity that our nation's capital breathes into its music.

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