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The Mooney Suzuki

There isn't much question that The Mooney Suzuki are four of the coolest guys in New York City. Since 1996 the black-clad, moppy haired, sunglassed quartet has been wowing the kids with their nostalgic, joyfully uptempo, three-chord garage rock. The band wears its influences on its sleeve -- The Sonics, Sam and Dave, The MC5, all just a bit punkified -- and that's fine. The point here isn't "breaking new ground" or "being innovative" (which often means being insufferably pretentious), it's about going as fast as possible, working up a sweat, and bathing in the holy water of good old fashioned rock and roll redemption. If you need a little sonic baptism by fire, The Mooney Suzuki is the place to go. The backbeat is constant and incredibly danceable; the trebly guitars slash and swashbuckle their way through each song, and singer Sammy James Jr.'s ragged, itchy vocals get under your skin in a way that gives you no choice but to move. So move!

The Mooney Suzuki rocked New York with such dirty rock compatriots as Thee Headcoats, the Make Up, and The Delta 72 for a few years before they slowed down long enough to record a self-titled three-song effort on Telstar Records. Soon after, they put out a full-length, 2000's People Get Ready on the Pacific Northwest's haven for garage-punk eccentrics, Estrus Records. The album features the amphetamine-laced relationship affirmation "I Say I Love You" and the Stones-meet-Yardbirds-style rave-up "Make My Way." Are you ready for the almighty power of The Mooney Suzuki? Let's go!