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The Monkeywrench

After a seven-year hiatus, this trash rock supergroup (featuring Mudhoney's Mark Arm and Steve Turner, Poison 13's Tim Kerr, Gas Huffer's Tim Price, and Aussie drummer Martin Bland) is back with a vengeance. With their newest record, Electric Children, they pick up they left off in the early '90s, sounding like a late '60s Rolling Stones- and New York Dolls-worshipping garage band whose members are still reveling in the paisley and diamond wonders of LSD. Hard blues riffs percolate in the firewater of the Monkeywrench's overall psych-punk fury as Arm does his best vocal impersonation of a deranged street corner priest. Reportedly Steve Turner's inspiration for the title track, "Electric Children," came in a message (and melody) from God; however that track does not appear on the album because Turner was too terrified to write the music.

The hard and dirty "Solar Revelations" and the eight-and-a-half minute psychedelic opus "In the Days of the Five" do appear, however, and you can listen to both right here to discover how out there the Monkeywrench's crusty feedback-blues really is.