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The Lucys

The Lucys began in 1996 as the vehicle for Jesse Jameson's beautiful and warbling folk rock songwriting, and the Miner St. label released a single later that year. The band solidified with the addition of Brett Tobias (ex-Moped) on drums and Joey Sweeney (ex-Barnabys) on bass. The full group packed a wallop live, but Jameson also continued to do many Lucys shows solo-acoustic to allow the folk roots of his "Kinks vs. Americana" songwriting to shine. The Compulsiv label issued a full-length CD, Anselmo, in '97, followed by a three-song single on Tappersize in the Spring of '98. After parting ways with Sweeney, the band brought in Joe Kim for bass duties.

The three songs presented here are all from the 1999 Tappersize release entitled Looking For a Plane or Two. They are marked with Jameson's distinctive vocal delivery and with his focused attention to American folk and British power-pop tradition. You'll be humming along and tapping your toes before you know what hit you.

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