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The Locust

The animal motif of the band's name extends to its music too, but The Locust doesn't sound like a plague of droning insects; rather, they suggest the sustained artillery fire of a white-noise cannon, a biological weapon assault on the complacent ear. The song "Skin Graft at Seventy-Five Miles Per Hour," from The Locust's self-titled full-length debut, quite accurately describes The Locust listening experience. Recalling such other noise merchants as Mohinder, Mukilteo Fairies, and Heroin, The Locust crafts short scorching bursts of noise that sound like CIA torture sessions put to modem noise. Follow these lads on their excursions into all-out ebullition.

This punk rock band turned volatile munitions dump hails from San Diego. They've released just the one LP, plus splits with Jenny Piccolo, Arab on Radar, and Melt Banana. They've also put out a remix EP, featuring their scathing 51-second burst of nightmarish aggression, "Well I'll Be a Monkey's Uncle," and six equally as deranged artists' reinterpretations of it, including the one featured here courtesy of Kid606.