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The Letter E

Brooklyn's The Letter E creates gentle, soothing instrumentals that feel like being taken on safari to exotic, maybe mythic lands. The group is a veritable super quartet of indie all-stars, including guitarist and all-around multi-instrumentalist Curtis Harvey of Rex and Pullman, drummer Josh Mathews of Blue Man Group, guitarist Sean Meadows, a former member of such notables as June of 44, Lungfish, The Sonora Pine, Everlasting the Way, and Boondoggle, and bassist Enis Sefersah. The quartet wrote and recorded a self-titled four-song debut EP in December of 1997, though it didn't see the light of the day until early 2000, when Tiger Style issued it. Soon after, the group put out its first full-length, The No. 5ive Long Player.

From the group's first effort, "Goodbye" is a spacious instrumental that recalls Pell Mell or Scenic, simultaneously evoking regret and hope, possibility and destiny. The song is all sinuous bass, mesmerizing drums, and seraphic guitar, transcribing an intangible, intriguing landscape. "Isabella" is a delicate, understated, two-guitar meanderer that climaxes in fiery emotion before wandering off again into quietude. That piece can be found on No. 5ive.

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