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The Latter

The Latter is the code name for the twisted ruminations and machinations of two extremely damaged San Francisco-based individuals who call themselves Feller Quentin and Edison Victrola. Quentin (the bearded one) does most of the ruminating and machinating, lyrically speaking, that is, spewing forth high-speed non sequiturs that form a bizarre collage of sensational tabloid snippets, pop culture buzzwords, advertising copy, profanity, bathroom humor, hip hop posturing, random academic references, nightmare images, and utter nonsense, all in a nasal, frantic voice. Perhaps that description didn't make it clear, but the words to these weird tunes tend to be extremely funny. Quentin raps over smooth jazz grooves, turntablist gyrations, and left field samples arranged by DJ Victrola (the handsome one). You can call it hip hop if you want, but it sure as hell ain't like any hip hop you've probably ever heard before. You might want to fasten your seatbelt before slipping this disc in. Said disc, incidentally, is called Hearing Aids, and it features "This Is Not a Predictable Lens" and "You Feller." Contact Monsieurs Quentin and Victrola if you're interested in purchasing a copy, at and

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