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The Lapse

Halfway through making their third album, two members of The Van Pelt decided to rethink their concept of a band, and started over again as The Lapse. Chris Leo (The Van Pelt, Native Nod) and Toko Yasuda (The Van Pelt, Blonde Redhead) enlisted Dave Leto of Rye Coalition on drums, wrote the second half of the album, and named it Betrayal. There are some similarities between The Lapse and The Van Pelt, like Leo's spoken vocal rants and minimalist guitar, but this trio has a completely different feel. There is a straightforward rock quality here, an energy, a passion -- as if the three members recently experienced their own real-life betrayals.

The Lapse's music ranges from downtempo pop arias to urgent guitar-driven pieces. The song "Consent" is a soothing and sedate lullaby sung atop rhythmically undulating and melodically enticing bass lines; a narcotic poem heard in the dimly lit confines of an opium den. Soft, breathy female vocals and hypnotic drums give "Consent" a deceptively affectionate facade, with lyrics intimating a well-veiled ballad of mistrust and betrayal. This offering is a delightful mixture of Blonde Redhead vocals and Tricky instrumentals.

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