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The Jesus Lizard

The Jesus Lizard can in no way be described to those who haven't seen or heard them. Yeah, they're a downright badass rock band -- but come on, how many times have you heard that type of spiel about middling to poor rock bands? These guys deserve more than a simple description -- they deserve a freak show carnival with skywriters who write a description beside the clouds -- and even then you wouldn't get it.

Tight as a supermodel's stomach, The Jesus Lizard plays stadium rock for the mental institution. The guitar riffs shatter your skull and the bass cuts out your heart. The Jesus Lizard helped create "alternative" rock, but kept it anchored to reality, refusing to be taken in by corporate marketing strategies. This band's sound exemplifies the musical freedom of the underground. Just listen to David Yow's sick howls and try to imagine the legendary shows where he was already naked and foaming at the mouth halfway through the first song.