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The Jazz On The Latin Side All-Stars

    KLON's Jose Rizo has been broadcasting his popular radio show Jazz on the Latin Side for over a decade now. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the show, the Los Angeles-based producer and DJ hired B.B. King's club in Universal Studios and invited 28 of his favorite musicians to play. Guests included Francisco Aguabella, Alex Acuna, Justo Almario, The Banda Brothers, Al McKibbon, Luis Conte, Poncho Sanchez, Louis Perez (Los Lobos), Francisco Torres, Asdru Sierra (Ozomatli), and many others. On the night of January 7, 2000, The Jazz On The Latin Side All-Stars were born.
     Thankfully, this once-in-a-lifetime show was recorded by Ubiquity sub-label Cubop for release over two volumes. "Mujer Chicana," from The Jazz On The Latin Side All-Stars Volume 1, is arranged by Joe Rotundi and features Francisco Aguabella on congas, Susie Hansen on violin, Francisco Torres and Arturo Velasco on trombone, and Cougar Estrada on drums. "Mujer Chicana" also appears on Viva Cubop 2 along with tracks from Jack Costanzo, Dave Pike, Snowboy, and Bobby Matos.

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