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The Insomniacs

New Jersey mod revivalists The Insomniacs have heard the clarion call of the British Invasion from across the span of decades and have rushed to join it. The hook-happy power trio has great chops to go along with their mop tops, and their songs just roar out of yours speakers, hot and sweaty with the fever of late night rock and roll clubs. Just drink and dance, dance and drink, the songs seem to say, as frenetic guitars buzz and roll, percussion beats skitter all over, and sensual organ lines undulate. Frontman Robert provides enthusiastic rock gospel vocals while percussionist Michael sings backup and David keeps the sinuous bass lines going.

The Insomniacs have found a home on the other side of the country with Bellingham, Washington garage label Estrus, which has released all three of the band's records: Wake Up ('95), Out of It ('97), and Get Something Going (2000). That third album is where you can find the featured "E-G-A-R-A-G" and "And the Candle Burns."

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