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The Icarus Line

The Icarus Line gets back to the heart of what rock and roll -- and later punk rock -- was all about with scathing blasts of musical sweat and blood, and maybe a few other fluids which shall remain nameless. The young L.A. quintet pulls you out of the mundane, the routine, the workaday, into a far more extreme state where your body temperature rises and your adrenaline pumps. And somehow they make all this danger and violence seem intoxicating, appealing, even sexy. How?

I don't know, to be sure, but here's what I can tell you. They've got a muscular, monster truck rhythm section, manned by Lance Arneo and Jeff Watson. They've got speedy, window-shattering guitars, occasionally reminiscent of Drive Like Jehu's paranoid six-string pyrotechnics. They've got a maniac of a singer called Joe Cardamone who can scream in a voice that could cut glass or chant hypnotically like a man possessed. They have a remarkable ability to go from high-speed metallic hardcore workouts to melodic rock trances.

Since getting together in 1999, The Icarus Line has been touring frantically. They've released a couple of seven-inch singles, a CDEP, and in 2001, a full-length called Mono, from which we present "In Lieu..." and "Feed a Cat to Your Cobra."

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