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The Hex

During the second half of the '90s, Mike Guarrine and the brothers Danyluk formed the Chicago-based angular, post-punk noise attack known as Assembly Line People Program. Since the dissolution of that band late in the decade, Guarrine has brought his love of No Wave and experimental rock to a new project called The Hex. This band's songs are propelled by thin, driving, complex rhythms, with squirting, quirky guitar parts and declamatory vocals that feel more like rhythms than melodies. The sound falls somewhere between the late '70s New York No Wave of James Chance and the Contortions and the late '70s Brit post-punk of Gang of Four and The Fall, with maybe a little of Sonic Youth's arty flavor. The band's first release, the No Car EP (2000), which features "No More Reproduction" and "The Time," is available from Troubleman.